The tourist attractions of Petite côte and its surrounding areas

oiseaux exotiques de Nguerigne
oiseaux exotiques de Nguerigne

Located south of Dakar between the Cape Verde peninsula and the Sine-Saloum, the Petite-Côte is a section of the Senegalese coastline. It is lined with large baobabs that draw a path that combines a constant sun, a sea, its extraordinary waves, and beautiful sandy beaches. The region contains beautiful seaside spots nestled in the heart of a picturesque landscape out of the ordinary in a magical world where calm rivals the beauty of the place. The region is mainly inhabited by Lebous and Serere and it is one of the major tourist destinations of Senegal. The Petite Côte offers beaches suitable for swimming, sunbathing, walks, and water sports: catamaran rides, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, motorcycle, etc. In addition to being a magical place with luxurious beaches, the Petite Côte venue is also a religious hub that attracts thousands of visitors from diverse backgrounds.

The Thiès Regional Museum

Le Musée national de Thies

Located in the Thiès city, more precisely in the enclosures of the old Thiès fort, the Regional Museum shelters an oil painting workshop with an exhibition gallery. Inaugurated on February 9, 1995, the museum features works of art that tell the story of the region. Guides will accompany you to discover the different pavilions containing the museum’s collections.

Accrobaobab Adventure

Accrobaobab Adventure
Accrobaobab Adventure is a park made up exclusively of a baobab forest. It offers leisure activities in the wilderness for both children and adults. At more than 25m from the ground and a Zipline of more than 300m with different levels of difficulty for all physical categories, it is indicated for connection with strong sensations. Lovers of Rally cars or motorcycles offer a circuit with 21 well-managed corners among the baobabs. You will discover an impressive savannah landscape that will not leave you indifferent. Accrobaobab awaits you and is open every day from 8 am to 7 pm

 except Mondays.

Safari in Bandia Reserve

Reserve de Bandia

Located 65 km from Dakar, near Bandia village, the Bandia Reserve was created in 1990. It covers an area of 3,500 ha and is calling for the discovery of African fauna. The reserve is home to rhinos, monkeys, gazelles, ostriches, Cape eland, zebras, hyenas, buffalo, jackals, mongooses, giraffes, and crocodiles in a setting of giant baobabs and lianas. There are also about 120 bird species, as well as ostriches, giant tortoises, and crocodiles.



It is a seaside resort in the Thiès region, an artificial island made up of seashells on the Atlantic coast. The island consists of two villages, Joal, and Fadiouth which are linked together by a wooden bridge. It is the childhood kingdom of the former Senegalese president and Poet Léopold Sédar Senghor. The beauty of this landscape has inspired him immensely in the composition of his poems. This shellfish island is endowed with an undeniable charm, the shells of cockles and oysters lining the streets creak under your feet. Beautiful pirogue rides will take you to millet 

storages on stilts or in the mangrove populated by birds. Visitors will be seduced by the picturesque surroundings of this wonderful island.

The Somone Lagoon

Lagune de la somone

Located in the center of a magnificent lagoon whose inhabitants live mainly on tourism, and found within the Petit Cote Region at about 77 km from Dakar, Somone is a small village that covers a surface area of nearly 700 ha. It is a natural reserve and is populated by several bird species such as herons, pelicans, flamingos, egrets and many other species that come and nest between the mangrove forests and the sandbanks. Its beaches, lined with vegetation are conducive for beach relaxation and are among the most beautiful in Petite Côte. It is a real haven for the animals that

live there and excursions can be organized in the surrounding villages. Our guides will take care of you as you discover this wonder.

The Popenguine beach

Plage de Popenguine

Popenguine is a village in Senegal that is endowed with a magnificent beach with fine sand found at the Region of Thiès, precisely at the department of Mbour. It is a magnificent beach at the foot of some beautifully designed and breathtaking imposing escapements which offer a beautiful view to the ocean. The culinary art is not left out as several restaurants are found here. You will also discover the way of life of the inhabitants of the region who will welcome you warmly. At the entrances of the Popenguine nature reserve, you shall discover several bird species, large gardens

 with animals like hyenas and other animals that one finds in Africa.

Toubab Dialo

La plage de Toubab Dialaw

Located on the Petite-Côte, south of Dakar, Toubab Dialo is an ideal place to stay for holidays, weekends or day trips. This village has a beach with golden sand stretching as far as the eye can see. Surrounded by small cliffs, stone hills and beautiful houses in a unique atmosphere, this beach is the star of the village and must absolutely be visited. You will be warmly welcomed by the generous population.

Saly Portudal

La plage de Saly Portudal

Located west of Senegal on the Atlantic coast, Saly Portudal is a seaside resort in the Thiès region. Sally is a former Portuguese trading post that got its name from the Portuguese settlers who stayed in the area. Ideal for holidays, Saly has golden sandy beaches lined with palm trees behind which are found some hotels with various charms. The seaside resort is a favorite spot for lovers of all kinds of water sports (windsurfing, surfing, Kitesurfing, jet-skiing..) and its 18-hole course, lined with baobabs is a boon for golfers. The resort offers nearly 13 luxury hotels, about 800 villas, 

a large number of restaurants, discotheques, supermarkets, etc. You will be able to appreciate the succulent seafood specialties (lobster, crab, and swordfish) which will make the happiness of your stay.

The Ngaparou village

Ngaparou au Senegal

Ngaparou is a coastal town in western Senegal located in the Thiès region about 80 km from Dakar. The village has a beautiful bay preserved and spared from erosion and extends as far as the eye can see. Many bird species are recorded and can be observed. It has remained authentic with its beautiful harbor, harboring fishermen who offer a fishing show from time to time. The region is mainly inhabited by Lebous and Serere. You will discover several restaurants with unique decorations in which one can taste the wonders of the region. Seafood lovers will be served as 

lobsters, which are in abundance. The birds will come to keep you company during the tasting moments. This village is also the starting point for several other attractions in the area.

The Nguerigne exotic park

oiseaux exotiques de Nguerigne

Located in the Thiès region, the exotic park of Nguerigne offers walks in a neat and green nature in which the superb birds warmly welcome you by unrolling their ridges or their flaming wings. It is home to a multitude of exotic birds (parrots from around the world), mammals and reptiles (monkeys and crocodiles). The bird collection is privately owned and open to the public. You will spend good times with family or friends. The gastronomy in the park is also fantastic.